Tuesday, November 17, 2015

La joie de vivre | Fonelle inspires

I'm an admirer of the pen of Sophie Fontanel. Her words about Charlie Hebdo and sweet funny people (les gens drôles) are always in my mind and also this time - after the Paris attacks - I don't miss a post from her. I loved to see reactions like the pianist playing in front of Le Bataclan or the humour of John Oliver or to read her own words:
"J'accepte ma tristesse, mais je refuse de me désespérer. Si je me désespère, ces fous auront gagné. Ils ne gagneront pas. It means : Give me art today. Give me beautiful souls. Give me the softest music. Give me "more than life" words. Give me a dancer, open arms. I need this to deal with my sadness. And with barbarism."

"Les musées, les cinémas, les salles de spectacles sont fermés aujourd'hui à Paris. Pour l'art et la nourriture qu'il apporte, il nous reste à fermer les yeux, et à penser à de belles choses, à ce genre de belles choses puissantes et sublimes qui existe en ce monde. Et à se dire que toute force physique n'est pas la destruction, toute détonation n'est pas la destruction. Ça peut être le saut du danseur, le jet de peinture du peintre, le coude en l'air du musicien qui attaque son morceau, le mot qui fait mouche. S'accrocher à cette idée car c'est elle qui aura le dernier mot, justement. Toujours. It means : every museum, every art places are closed in Paris today. So we make our own private museum, just by searching images full of a positive strength. #noureev, for example."

Thank you, Sophie!

Sophie Fontanel Instagram | Twitter | Fonelle Time

Saturday, November 14, 2015

For Paris | Joann Sfar

The great message of Joann Sfar via Instagram after the 13th november. I LOVE life!

Read more: Joann Sfar on Instagram - Article Le Soir

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Mini Calendario Italiano | Free printable calendar 2016

My mini calendario Italiano is ready. This time, I wrote it in my mother language - Italian. "Mini" means little in Italian language but it's also the abbrevation for minimal. As past years, it's on one page and without a background- I like to save ink and paper! You can download the pdf file - ready to be to print - here.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Surf Snowdonia | Wales

"Picture this. A perfect lozenge-shaped fresh-water lagoon, roughly the size of six football pitches, set in the lush, green Conwy Valley in the lee of the Snowdonia mountains. Now add something entirely unexpected.

Friday, October 2, 2015

October weekend links list

Mira Rai runs and wins - the history of this brave girl from Nepal will soon become a movie

Try this Stuffed Spaghetti Squash recipe (it looks delicious!) by Love and Lemons

Get ready (or dream like me) to visit Hogwarts in the snow!

Frrresh - visual arts magazine - 31 is out on Issuu

More time to read? Learn about the history of Fire escapes in urban America - the thesis presented
by Elizabeth Mary André to The University of Vermont.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Muuto Fall 2015 | The Grain pendant lamp by Jens Fager

GRAIN is a small lamp with plenty of personality. It is perfect for hanging in rows over a bar setting or placed in clusters of multiple lamps to create an alternative light installation over a table.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Vincent Munier | Photograph

Vincent Munier is a French photographer specialized in wildlife, often in extreme conditions. He was the special guest of the 5th Mont Blanc Photo Festival, last summer. I was stunned by his work about the Japanese crane - Tancho - on the island of Hokkaido and I discovered his others wonderful works - here.
I have something special with snow!

Sources of photos: 01 | 02


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