Thursday, August 28, 2014

Summer holidays in Mègeve | France

This summer I spent my holidays in Mègeve (you already know). It was so energising, I wish I was still there.
Here some pictures of my weeks! (and here the previous ones - just in case you missed them)

Le jour de Marché - The Friday market in Mègeve - I adore markets!

UP: the Église Saint-Jean-Baptiste and the exposition-promenade Robert Arnoux

The entry of the hotel M de Mègeve  and the charm of an old streetlamp

The public kitchen garden.

Concours aux Poulains 2014 (Foals competition)

UP: the exposition-promenade Robert Arnoux, the center of the village and rue de la Poste.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Grupa products | Lighting | Croatia

Thursday, August 21, 2014

cafenoma | homemade style café | JP

I'm addicted to coffee, its smell comfort me and make me feel at home everywhere. I also love the lifestyle around a cup of coffee, the ambiance of coffeeshops but just a few photos. Indeed nowadays, everyone is sharing pictures of his/her cup of coffee, me too, but only a few are really worthing. I think these ones - by cafenoma - are adorables.
Blog + Instagram.

Relax and spend real quality time with a cup of coffee. Your unique coffee shop is always open whenever you like. It makes you feel so good. we called it homemade style café.


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